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Ronda Allison

True to their commitment of fostering honor and integrity in the field of aesthetics, Rhonda Allison & Company dedicates itself to enhance the growth of the profession. Backed by the promise of bringing each client optimum skin care protection and relief, Rhonda Allison strives to create products that are all natural and effective.

Rhonda Allison, the name behind Rhonda Allison Clinical Enterprises, is known for her expertise and innovativeness in acids and chemical peels for 30 years. She is also an author, educator and speaker rolled into one. Her years of experience in the field of professional skin care prompted Rhonda Allison to come up with a line of cosmeceutical skin care products which she carefully researched, formulated and tested. These products embody the passion of Rhonda Allison for helping others to bring out their true beauty. Thus, you are assured that every Rhonda Allison product brings the best results.

Considered as a pioneer in skin care technology, Rhonda Allison developed her line of products in 1992 when little was known about skin peels. Due to her dedication, she collaborated with doctors and biochemists and finally hit the bull’s eye with her video entitled The Art of Skin Peeling. She has also proven her expertise thereafter with an instructional book, Cooking With Acids. And as the cliché goes, the rest is history. As of now, Rhonda Allison Clinical Enterprises strives to concoct top of the line products that are complimented with DVD’s that tackle different skin treatments that are clinically proven and effective.